To Raise Kingdom Approved Priest and Prophets.


  1. To empower each student with Godly character and etiquette
  2. Integrate students into kingdom knowledge.
  3. Impacting and imparting students with spiritual gifts. Grace and the anointing required.
  4. “Go ye” Practical platform for all students.

Living the Mission

Established and sustained within the free and open traditions of the Church of God, this school is committed to being a teaching-learning community of the highest order, engaged in the pursuit of truth from a Christian faith perspective.

Through academic and Christian discovery, we intend to graduate people with a global perspective who are competent, caring, creative, generous individuals of character and potential.

We will build those quality programs that will enable each member of the university to become stronger in body, mind, and spirit, to experience what it means to love God and neighbor, and to adopt Christ-like servant ways in all of life.


We aspire to be a transformative Christian community informed by these core values:

  • SERVANT LEADERSHIP — dedication to a life of service; a preferential awareness of the needs of others in the resolution of problems; a willingness to take the first step, however challenging, in meeting the demands of the day; embracing a spirit of servanthood that extends beyond one’s culture.
  • EXCELLENCE — high-quality performance, innovation, and creativity; a relentless pursuit of the best in each individual and the wider learning community.
  • INTEGRITY — commitment to Christian moral values, shared virtues, and biblical truth; keeping faith with the school’s policies.
  • RESPONSIBILITY —personal and social accountability to God and neighbor; trustworthy stewardship of personal and school’s resources.
  • GENEROSITY — readiness to give of one’s gifts and talents with a spirit of gratitude; an attitude and posture of hospitality that comes with intercultural humility; a willingness to extend others the benefit of the doubt, placing mercy above rightness.